Organization layout of FHAN






























Sister Organization

a.    Handicraft Design and Development Center(HANDECEN)
HANDECEN is a semi-autonomous entity established by FHAN in collaboration with Nepal Government in order to set up a design center extending professional design and development services to handicraft exporters and manufacturers. HANDECEN helps to develop quality products, create innovative products and venture into product diversification for overall development of the Nepalese handicrafts. It is functional with the help of the professional groups of designers. HANDECEN shall be developed as a capable institute and competitive venture for the promotion of the Nepalese handicraft sector through enhanced design awareness, upgraded skills and well developed products. The main objective of the HANDECEN is to support the overall growth and development of handicrafts by maintaining state-of-art design technology in Nepal.  


b.    Nepal Handicraft Testing Laboratory
With a view to facilitate export of Nepalese metal products in Nepal, FHAN established Nepal Handicraft Testing Laboratory in 2061 in assistance with Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies. It is situated in Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology in Balaju. It was established in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The main objective of establishing the lab was to facilitate export as per the requirement of importing countries/ consignee. In lab, the metal products like gold and silver composition are being tested by non destructive methods.