Export procedure

  1. An export should have :
    1. Registration of Firm/Company/Industry
    2. Registration in local Inland Revenue office
    3. Current account with a commercial bank
    4. Exim code no. from department of custom
    5. Rex system entry for European Union country
  2. An export order could be affected:
    1. If a letter of credit is opened on the exporter’s name or
    2. Advanced payment is deposited, in convertible currency, in the exporter’s bank account, or
    3. Samples, up to the value of US$150 could be exported without the conditions stated on II a and b
    4. Some product could be exported without fulfilling the conditions stated in II a and b. Similarly, export to India and Tibet enjoy waiver of the conditions in II a and b.
  3. Documents required for export
    1.  Commercial Invoice certified by Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal along with a certificate.
    2. Packing List (if applicable)
    3. Certificate of origin issued by local Chamber of  Commerce
    4. Nepal Rastra Bank declaration form
    5. Advance payment or Letter of Credit
    6. Letter of Authorization
    7. A copy of firm registration/ Income tax (Permanent Account Number) registration – once a year
    8. A copy of custom agent registration if an agent is appointed
    9. *Museum Pass Certificate (Department of  Archeology)
    10. *GSP form A
    11. *No objection letter from Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal for products made from the parts domestic animals
    12. *Recommendation letter from Department of Mines for some mineral products
    13. *Recommendation letter from Department of Forestry for some forestry based products.
Please note : * if applicable
                      :   Document requirement for export could vary with the nature of 
                           Handicraft Products