Foreign visitors, other than Indian nationals, need valid passports to enter Nepal. Eight categories of visa are issued. They are:

  1. Diplomatic visa
  2. Official visa
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Study visa
  5. Non-tourist visa
  6. Business visa
  7. Residential visa
  8. Interim visa
  9. Multiple Visa (Special provision for foreign importers)

Diplomatic and official visas are for diplomatic personnel and official missions and are valid for specified periods.

Tourist visa can be obtained from Nepalese Embassies and Consulates abroad. A 30 days entry visa is given at the point of entry to visitors who do not already hold a visa. Foreign persons entering Nepal on a tourist visa cannot work for any organization or on an individual basis either for pay or as a volunteer.

Foreigners involved in the feasibility study of industry may obtain non- tourist visas for up to six months.

Business visas are issued to foreign investors or their authorized representatives and their dependents.

Residential visas are issued to individuals wishing to live in Nepal and who have international renown, made special contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of Nepal or have distinguished themselves by contributing in some way to Nepal’s progress. Foreign investor, who at a time invests more than 100 thousand US dollars in an industry, will be granted a residential visa until his investment is retained. Residential visas have to be renewed every year.

Interim visas are issued to transit passengers for a period of 48 hours.

Recently Nepal government has made provision for issuing five years multiple entry visas for foreign importers upon the recommendation of relevant commodity associations.



VISA fee has been waived for the nationals of countries belonging to the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) and the nationals of the People’s Republic of China.

VISA fee has been waived for those who wish to transit through Nepal and stay here for less than 3 days.

VISA fee has been waived for tourists who re-enter Nepal within one year, having spent 15 days or more on their first visit having paid applicable visa fees.


Delegated or authorized Association and organizations to issue recommendation letter to foreign buyers for the obtainment of non-tourist multiple visas are:

  1. Central carpet industry association of Nepal
  2. Garment association of Nepal
  3. Federation of Handicraft associations of Nepal
  4. Leather footwear and goods manufacturers association
  5. Nepal foreign trade association


  1. Passport Size Photo of Importer - 5 copies
  2. Xerox copy of Passport of Importer - 4 copies
  3. Copy of Nepalese visa as well a. In case foreign buyer is in Nepal - 4 copies
  4. Xerox copy either of written agreement, Acceptance letter, or guarantee letter, - 4 copies that is prepared and mutually signed by importer (foreigner) and native exporter
  5. Xerox copy of latest purchase order from the importer and document related to latest receipt of payment from the importer 4 copies
  6. Xerox copy of registration with renew up to last year in concerned department i.e department of commerce, department of industry, department of revenue that is possessed by the concerned Nepalese exporter with whom foreign importer is importing the goods - 4 copies
  7. Xerox copy of tax clearance upto last year in Inland Revenue Department of the concerned Nepalese exporter with whom foreign importer is importing the goods - 4 copies
  8. Xerox copies of Bio- Data of importer – 4 copies
  9. Xerox copy of authorized requesting letter to visit Nepal and to provide every cooperation for multiple visa from the concerned importing firm or company mentioning the designation of recipient of the requested multiple visa – 4 copies
  10. Xerox copy of evidence of registration with concerned native authorities of importing company – 4 copies
  11. If any body is supposed to carry the required needful on behalf of the applicant (Importer) for the obtainment of multiple visa, the letter of authorization to such person should also be submitted as well – 4 copies


  1. First and for mostly the foreign buyers intended to obtain non tourist multiple visa has to submit his/ her application enclosing all required documents to concerned product association. It is to be endorsed by the local / native exporter as a witness to bear any liability if requires in case of need in a prescribed application form.
  2. Upon the receipt of application along with all required documents, the concerned products association will issue its recommendation letter to apply to commerce department, Nepal Government, Katmandu. The concerned product association charges service fee for the issuance of the recommendation letter accordingly. Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal charges Rs.1,000/ – for the purpose.
  3. After obtainment of recommendation letter from the concerned product association, one who seeks non-tourist multiple visa has to receive recommendation letter from commerce department and is to be submitted to immigration department, Nepal Government, Katmandu.
  4. Upon the receipt of recommendation letter from commerce department, Nepal Government Kathmandu, immigration department, Nepal Government, would issue visa and would inform regarding it instantly to commerce department. For the issuance of visa immigration department Nepal Government would charge US$ 250/ – as visa fee.

Concerned applicants are required to pursue the procedures minutely and submit all required documents to be free from any disappointment and hassles. It helps for the procurement of the visa more conveniently and in time.

Download – Multiple visa format form