Nepal is rich in terms of arts and culture. Nepalese handicraft products have been best known to the World for its rich art, crafts and oriental architecture. The skill and techniques of making handicraft products, which have been handed down from generation to generation, not only represent the talent and skill of craftsmen but also reflect the social, religious and cultural values found in different parts of the country. Handicrafts production in Nepal is believed to have started during the Licchavi period (300-879 AD). It exploded in scale during Malla era. Since the period, the country’s handicrafts have been gaining popularity among foreigners


Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN) is a service oriented and non-profit organization that aims to enhance and promote handicraft trade and industry. It is registered under Institution Registration Act of Nepal. Established in 1972 A.D, with the mission to preserve and promote handicraft sector, FHAN has grown substantially facilitating commercial connections between national and international traders and local handicraft enterprises.


FHAN strives to create a democratic and empowering space- a common roof under which a range of stakeholders, members, artists, all district and commodity handicraft associations and anyone related to handicraft sector can exchange ideas and collaborate in supporting artisans and craftsmen of all handicraft sectors throughout the country. It also assists its members to improve their productivity, explore national as well as international markets. Moreover it works as a liaison between its members and the Government and the Non-Government Organization.


FHAN has more than 4000 members of which more than 1500 active members are composed of cottage and small industries, exporters, artisans, entrepreneurs, associates in the field of commerce, industry and the artisans. Handicraft has been the major line of Nepalese exports. Currently handicraft products of Nepal are exported to more than 80 countries around the globe. The handicraft sector has been providing business opportunities and employment to more than 1.1 million civilians all over the country.



  1. To promote and popularize Nepalese handicraft products in the national and international markets.
  2. Strive towards upgrading the quality of handicrafts, through innovation and design intervention, to meet the demand of the local and international markets.
  3. To encourage Nepalese younger artisans to pursue their profession in traditional handicraft industry handed down to them by their older generations so as to preserve our cultural heritages, revive it and promote in worldwide.
  4. To urge the Nepalese Government to support the handicrafts sector by formulating policies/programs suitable to the development of the handicraft industry and trade.


A. Promotional Function

  1. Organize training programs and seminars, symposiums and conferences for entrepreneurship development and strengthen capacity, policy intervention and sharpen technical skills to meet the changing and challenging domestic as well as international market demands.
  2. Organize exhibitions and trade fairs to showcase new handicraft products and create public awareness about Nepalese handicraft products.
  3. Making arrangements for participation of its members in international trade fair and exhibitions being organized yearly.
  4. Explore additional markets for the handicraft products.
  5. Recognition and Acknowledgement of the top exporters and best craftsmen of handicraft sector in our country and awarding them accordingly every year.
  6. Publication of news, catalogues, books, members' directory, Souvenir and other informative materials in regards to promoting handicraft trade and industry.
  7. Documentation and dissemination of information and export statistics on handicraft trade and industry.
  8. Arrangement of special counseling services desk for various trade reforms.
  9. Issue of official recommendations for the various causes.
  10. Legal advises regarding handicraft business.


B. Export Promotion Function

  1. Certification of export invoices for handicraft products
  2. Certification of handicraft products made from the domestic animals.
  3. Recommendation to participate in handicraft trade fair throughout the globe.