President, Mr. Prachanda Shakya

Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN) has completed its glorious 50 years working for the development and promotion of handicraft business in Nepal. Currently, FHAN has 4000 plus its members and is associated with 19 District Associations and 12 Commodity Associations. FHAN has been working towards the development of handicraft industry by conducting promotional activities, trainings, skill development programs, lobbying to the Government and concerned authorities on the formulation of favorable plans and policies for the development of this industry and trade.


Handicraft sector in Nepal is on sluggish development mode, traditional skill and artistic culture are moving forward to make it more commercial and professional. Nepalese handicraft products are being admired by the foreign guest to keep as the souvenir of reminiscence which they enjoyed during the residence in the country. Nepalese handcrafts are crafted manually adding the artistic value on the materials; their unique endeavor is popular and highly treasured worldwide. Nepalese handicrafts are being exported to more than 80 foreign countries.


We all Nepalese living in the country and in foreign should take initiative to use Nepalese products to add special appeal of utilitarian in daily living and for the decoration purpose. This will not only help to preserve our artistic skill but also help to balance trade deficit recurring in our economy.

Mr. Prachanda Shakya
Nakabahil, Lalitpur
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